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Picture Gallery for 2022

Dave Brown <--- Congratulations to Dave Brown (left) here seen receiving his A-certificate from Andy Hibbert.
Dinis gets sticker <-- Dinis Cachao (right) receives his first, and well earned, tree sticker from Dave Harbour
Progress in producing replacement starting benches.
bench pix 1
The design and development team contemplate the options ....
Bench 3
Prototype well on its way ....
bench 6
... here ...
Bench 2
... and here seen being modelled
Almost there - watch this space for the Mk II
Flashback (c.2014)
  Guy Bowden recently came across an old video taken on board his Laser 150 powered Pitts biplane. It was taken with and "old fashioned" (i.e. large) video camera taped o the wing - enjoy!
28 March
Kites John Turner took this fantastic shot of red kites at about 1000 feet. This is one frame from of a 7 min video available at
February - Essential maintenance
Last post 1 last post 2
They stood to attention to the Last Post (sorry)
John Turner's "Spaceship" - flew remarkably well considering it does not have wings!
spaceship 1 Spaceship 2
2nd January
2022 Jan group
Some of the members that made it to the first Sunday of the new year
Jet Left -  Mick Addington's twin EDF jet

Below - Mike Wilson's Thunderbird 2
Tbird1 D Tbird2 C
Tbird E TbirdF