BMFA Information

The BMFA (British Model Flying Association) is the UK's governing body. It provides information on all aspects of model flying but mot importantly members are covered by its third party insurance policy. It is mandatory that all paid members of NVA are also members of the BMFA whether through the club or as individuals as "country" members.

NVA respects all rules and recommendations of the BMFA including its flying proficiency scheme, the two principal levels being the A-Certificate and B-Certificate. It is a club rule that nobody is allowed to fly unsupervised unless they hold an A-Certificate qualification; instruction to help gain this certificate can be provided by the club's instructors.

The following is a list of BMFA information sources and publications

BMFA Handbook Addendum 1 to 2017 Edition Dec 2018 No explanation required
BMFA Handbook (2017) General handbook, includes requirements for gaining the flying proficiency scheme
BMFA Welfare Policy No explanation required
Flying Start This publication provides all the basic knowledge for building, setting up and flying model aircraft. A good read for those new to the hobby and a reminder to the more experienced who may have developed bad habits!
20 Questions During 2016 new rules will be applied by the BMFA to improve pilot's knowledge of the law regarding the flying of model aircraft. Once the new rules re enforced, any 5 of these questions can be asked during an achievement test, including an A-certificate. For each question a model answer is provided.
BMFA Achievements site This is s dedicated site for the BMFA sachivement schemes and also lists the questions (and answers) to the questions those taking the tests can expect to be asked.
BMFA "GO Membership" Website Here you can register your details and pay your BMFA fees on-line.
BMFA Website Link to the BMFA website