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Mike Bessant Wot 4 <---- FOR SALE - WOT4 Foam-E MK2 with only two short and uneventful flights on the clock. I has the standard pre-installed motor, ESC and two aileron servos but does need rudder and elevator servos.

Now reduced to £65 - contact Mike Bessant (

Matt Bacon has a few items to sell
Interested?  contact Matt: Email: Mobile: 07812754171


1.0 Hobby King (Durafly): Fiesler Storch. 1150mm wing span. Ideal small field flyer.  Fair condition, but missing electric motor and ESC, and cowling. Requires a few minor repairs.  Wing retention mechanism needs re-fixing, but all the parts for this are supplied with the model.  All servo’s for flaps, ailerons, elevator and rudder are present. Instruction manual included.


 Price: £30.00

2.0 E-Flight Pulse XT 25e.  1335mm wing span. Aerobatic/ Sport Low wing trainer. Excellent condition. Never crashed. Flies very nicely.  Comes complete with float kit (but water rudder bowden cable is missing). Some years ago I have used this kit to fly off snow. I ran this on a 4 cell Lipo.



·        Motor: Fusion Brushless: 3551/05

·        Perkins EnErG 40 amp ESC

·        10x6 APC Prop

·        All servos: Hitec HS 225MG with top quality CF / Anodised Alu push rods.

·        Orange FASST Rx.

·        Floats and fastenings.

 Price: £ 235.00

3.0 Hangar 9 Katana.  1500mm wingspan.  Lovely aerobatic model. Crashed (broke it’s back behind the wing) and properly repaired. Canopy cracked and repaired. No wheel spats (replacements can be sourced here: Brand new wing set, never used (I have two of these models and shared the same set of wings between them). These need to be assembled and servo’s / horns/ arms need to be installed. A bag of the fixings (not servo’s) items is included.  The motor was set up with two 3 cell Lipo’s in series.  Wiring for these included. Instruction manual.

·        Motor: E-flite Power 52 (recommended power set up).

·        ESC: E-flite PRO ESC: 80amp. Uses EC5 plugs but I also have an EC3 adapter if required.

·        E-flite prop adapter and spinner included.

·        No prop.

·        Rudder (Pull pull system): HS 5485 HB, and Elevator servos: 2 of Hitec HS 225MG with top quality CF / Anodised Alu push rods.

·        No RX included.




 Price: £300.00


Electric motor - Turnigy 3648-1450
+ Turnigy Sentry 60 amp ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
+ Watt meter
£40   NOW £25 the lot  -  Contact: Dave Harbour 01933-357988

Extra Long HSS Drill Bits For Sale
- ideal for drilling/marking engine mounts and other hard-to-get-to places with standard drill bits.

2 sizes available - 4mm x 119mm long & 3mm x 100mm long - £1 each

M4 Tee Nuts - 20p each
Contact: John Morse 07775-938631 -

(enquiries to John Morse
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