Radio Control Yachting
In 2013, NVA's secretary Alan Smedley, set up an RC model yacht division at Emberton Park Sailing Club (EPSC) where he is a member, sailing a dinghy that he keeps there. Since that time, the group has grown and includes members and former members of NVA who either wish to include sailing RC yachts amongst their hobby interests or for various reasons, are no longer able to fly model aircraft. The group's principal interest is racing model yachts but some other types of RC boats are catered for.

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Wee Nip racing at Emberton Park 13 Oct 2018:

27 Sept 2018

<--- Before racing can start the marker buoys have to be placed in positions determined mainly by the wind direction. They then have to be retrieved when racing is finished. To do this Alan Smedly has created this ingenious catamaran, here seen bringing one of the buoys home after an afternoon's racing.
yachts B 27 Sept C
Yachts 27 Sept 2018 Yachts 27 Sept E
Yachts 27 Sept F 27 Sept A
Pictures taken in June/July 2018
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5 Ash's Barge
JBMs Boat Bladnoch
  <----- On-board Wee Nip 41 (Bladnoch)